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Release 12 Instances

As a member of the Oracle Partner Network we are providing the following instance of Release 12 Vision for public access. Please note that these environments will be refreshed on a periodic basis without notice. There are no explicit or implied guarantees with regards to availability, performance or data retention. Should you have any special needs requiring a dedicated instance for a short period of time and have an active Oracle CSI number, or if you experience any issues with the instances provided here, please send an email to

Because of our agreement with Oracle Corporation, you must have a valid CSI number to use our Vision instances. You must be a licensed Oracle customer to use these instances.

Solution Beacon cannot provide you with a CSI number.

If you do not have a CSI number, contact Oracle Support.

Click on the link below to register for an account. If you want to access more than one instance, you must register for and account on each instance.

Release 12.1.3 Vision (vis1213) empty Note 10/07/2013: the 12.1.3 instance is now available.

NOTE: A User is submitting or setting up a job that creates many database sessions. This eventually exceeds the maximum allowable configured and stops the instance. This has been the cause the last two times. REFRAIN from these types of jobs as it impacts all users of the system and may limit the use of the instance going forward.

(12.1.1 fresh install from 12.1.1 Installation Media Pack, patched to Release 12.1.3)
Output listing from patchsets.on 7/10/11